date icon 19 FEB 2024

Educating the next generation - Global E&C collaborates with Energy Insider

Trailer 1 - Global E&C's Modular Designer, Christina Carle

At Global E&C, we are deeply committed to equipping individuals with the skills and knowledge necessary to drive the transition towards a sustainable energy future. We are therefore thrilled to announce an exciting initiative aimed at nurturing talent and fostering the growth of future leaders in the energy industry.

To support this commitment, we are proud to unveil a series of engaging career videos, designed to provide invaluable resources for young professionals embarking on their careers in the energy sector. Created and produced by Energy Insider, in collaboration with Global E&C and Aberdeenshire Council, these videos offer unique insights into various career paths within the energy industry.

Filmed at Energy Insider's studio, as well as at our facilities in Aberdeen and during Offshore Europe 23, eight of our staff gave an insight into their role, skills, qualifications, career journey and offers insightful advice for aspiring professionals.

Keep your eyes peeled for the remaining seven videos which will be shared throughout this week and next!

Global E&C's Modular Designer - Christina Carle:

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