When Surrounded By Giants, Find Your Inner David

Challenging what’s gone before

The UK North Sea engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) space is not an easy environment to operate in.

It is a mature, highly commoditised and competitive market, dominated by big EPC players with significant resources.

In recent years market conditions have become even more challenging. Margins are tighter, competition has increased and there is a renewed focus on energy transition and net zero targets.

The workforce is transient, and you cannot rely on your technical strength and expertise to differentiate your business.

So, as a young EPC business, a David among Goliaths, how could we establish Global E&C as a credible EPC contractor in the face of these challenges?

Offering the same as our competitors was not an option. We had to look at things from a different perspective. We had to look at things through the eyes of our customers and ask ourselves, what difference can a business like Global E&C make to them? How can we add value to their businesses? What can we offer that others are unable to?

This approach gave us the focus we needed to recognise our strengths and competitive advantage, and clearly define our culture and our purpose, both of which are now firmly embedded in the DNA of our business.

Since then our capability has evolved as our business has grown. Our agility, mindset and commitment to digital transformation have been instrumental in helping us overcome the perceived disadvantages of size and scale to become a credible and trusted challenger EPC company, and the only brownfield-focussed EPC provider in the UK North Sea.

Our Purpose


We challenge, inspire and deliver



Global E&C’s core values are at the heart of our business. They define who we are, how we work, how we act, how we expect to be treated and how our teams engage with our clients. These values set the expectations of our employees and customers alike by encouraging the right type of behaviours and actions which underpin a safe, responsible and respectful business.

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In an industry that’s traditionally been dominated by big EPC players, as a young business we’ve had to work hard to overcome challenges, create opportunities and prove our worth. A couple of years on, we’re a confident competitor and we’re comfortable with our place in the market. Being the challenger EPC company and the only brownfield-focussed EPC provider in the UK North Sea is the right space for us.

Terry Allan, CEO