Core Values

Global E&C’s core values are at the heart of our business.

They define who we are, how we work, how we act, how we expect to be treated and how our teams engage with our customers.

These values set the expectations of our employees, partners and customers by encouraging the right type of behaviours and actions which underpin a safe, responsible and respectful business.

Our Core Values

We will not accept people stepping outside of our defined safety and quality standards.

Accountability will be driven down through all levels of the business, encouraging the entire organisation to think outside the box, generate new ideas and more cost-effective solutions.

Balancing individuals’ needs with the needs of the wider organisation and recognising that both character and capability are equally important in creating successful teams.

We will continually strive to demonstrate care, honesty and fairness in all of our dealings, with all of our stakeholders.

Our business is our people – we are committed to creating opportunities by identifying and developing talent and potential at all levels of the organisation.

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