date icon 22 JUN 2023

Global E&C's Movie Matinee: Basecamp

Revolutionising Safety for Offshore and Fabrication Teams

Lights dim, popcorn in hand and the screen lights up for another Global E&C Movie Matinee.

Each month Global E&C hosts a 'Movie Matinee' - an internal communication event for all staff to gain wider insights into a focus area of our business.

For the most recent Movie Matinee, the spotlight was on Basecamp; an innovative application that has transformed our safety efforts for the offshore and fabrication teams. As our presenter, Senior Construction Engineer - Sean Buchan, took centre stage and not only showcased the impact of Basecamp on safety but also highlighted how it reflects the company's culture of empowering employees to challenge the status quo for improved operational outcomes.

Let’s break down the impact Sean and Basecamp have made to our business:

  1. The Implementation of Basecamp: Sean opened the matinee by delving into the origins of Basecamp. He explains how Global E&C recognised the need to improve our safety performance and for a robust safety management tool that would enhance communication, streamline processes, and provide real-time visibility into offshore and fabrication operations. Thus, Basecamp was sourced, trialled and implemented as a digital platform to address these challenges comprehensively. Basecamp is a ready-made app, requires no IT infrastructure and can be set up and in a matter of hours from a mobile device, showcasing Global’s digital capabilities.
  2. Empowering Employees to Challenge the Norms: One of the core principles at Global E&C is empowering employees to challenge traditional approaches in pursuit of continuous improvement. Sean emphasizes how Basecamp's implementation exemplifies this principle. He shares stories of employees from various departments collaborating to develop the application, embrace new ways of working, incorporating valuable feedback, and pushing boundaries to ensure a solution that truly meets their unique needs.
  3. Enhancing Safety through Real-time Communication: Sean demonstrated Basecamp's transformative impact on safety by focusing on its core functionalities. The application allows offshore and fabrication teams to share crucial information, report incidents, and communicate effectively in real-time. By eliminating communication barriers and providing a centralised platform, Basecamp empowers employees to address safety concerns promptly, leading to faster response times and proactive hazard management, ensuring sharing and learning in a safe space.
  4. Streamlining Processes for Efficiency: Another key aspect of Basecamp is its ability to streamline processes, resulting in improved efficiency. Sean demonstrated how the application digitises and automates various safety-related tasks, reducing paperwork, minimising administrative burden, and ensuring accurate data collection. The seamless integration of workflows enables teams to allocate resources effectively, optimise schedules, and maintain better oversight of safety protocols.
  5. Realising Data-Driven Decision Making: With Basecamp's comprehensive data tracking and analytics capabilities, Global E&C has transitioned towards data-driven decision making. Sean explained how the application provides valuable insights into safety trends, identifies potential risks, and facilitates proactive risk mitigation. This shift from reactive to proactive safety management has significantly contributed to reducing incidents, minimizing downtime, and enhancing overall project performance.
  6. Cultivating a Culture of Safety Excellence: Basecamp's successful implementation signifies more than just a technological advancement. Sean emphasised how it embodies Global E&C's commitment to fostering a culture of safety excellence. By empowering employees to actively engage in safety protocols, the application encourages a sense of ownership, responsibility, and accountability among the offshore and fabrication teams. Basecamp serves as a catalyst for cultural transformation, reinforcing safety as a top priority throughout the organization.

The impact of Basecamp on safety for the offshore and fabrication teams is resoundingly clear. Sean Buchan's presentation showcases not only the technological capabilities of the application but also the company's dedication to empowering its employees to challenge conventional practices.

Basecamp has revolutionised safety management, enabling real-time communication, streamlining processes, and fostering a culture of safety excellence. Global E&C's commitment to innovation, combined with the proactive mindset of its employees, continues to provide better outcomes for the business and set new industry standards.

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