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Global E&C - Our Integrated Services & Our Exchange Zones

A Seamless Transition

We are the only integrated EPC contractor in the market who deliver Survey, Engineering, Fabrication, Construction, Commissioning & Start-up activities in-house.

​​​​​​​Due to the integrated nature of our business across service lines, facilities, and team disciplines we have 'exchange zones' across Global E&C that enable connectivity and cohesive delivery.

Much like a relay race, we rely on the smooth transition from one area of our business to the next but instead of using a baton, every single one of these exchanges are opportunities for passing critical information and deliverables related to our end-to-end service execution.

We deliver in excess of 2,500 jobs of all sizes every year. Over 90% of our jobs are integrated EPC scopes, where we have multiple baton exchanges.

Each job has several Exchange Zones from start to finish – in total we have over 10,000 baton exchanges every year – or about 25 baton exchanges every single day in our business!

We have learned that being efficient through the exchange zones doesn’t happen by mistake, you need to design your baton exchange that best suits that section of the race.

As a result, have co-designed our exchange zones between departments, revamped our Business Management System, digitalised everything we do and have redesigned our operating model over recent years.

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