date icon 25 FEB 2022

Global E&C Confirms Tripartite Agreement to Progress Energy Transition Offering

Global E&C, together with ABB and Rosetti Marino, form a service solution for GHG reduction from offshore assets

Each day this week, Global E&C has played host to a number of customer presentations that focus on a tripartite Energy Transition offering.

Global E&C, together with ABB and Rosetti Marino Group of Companies, welcomed a number of North Sea operator customers to its Albyn facility to present the full turnkey services of their tripartite offering to GHG Reduction for offshore assets.

Paul Rushton, Global E&C's Technical Services Director, said: 'From initial footprinting to asset optimisation, risk and decision making to full electrification, we’re delighted to provide tangible solutions to support energy transition.'

Presenting was Global E&C’s Technical Services Director, Paul Rushton, Rosetti Marino’s Sales Manager for Europe, FJ Ploeger and ABB’s Group Senior Vice President, Asmund Maeland.

Electrifying the Future
Paul Rushton, FJ and Asmund Maeland

Energy Transition
Our Turnkey Solution to Asset Decarbonisation

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