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Global E&C Celebrates Emerging Leaders

Celebratory Graduation Ceremony

Yesterday (Thursday 15th June 2023) Global E&C celebrated the successful completion of the Emerging Leaders programme with a graduation ceremony for eight of our Global E&C colleagues.

This prestigious event, held at the Chester Hotel, saw each participant present their carefully crafted business case to a group of senior leaders from our business, marking the culmination of months of intensive learning, growth, and transformation.

Our eight celebrated graduates are:

  • Adam MacQueen
  • Daniel Laing
  • Fraser Watt
  • Lewis Erskine
  • Mark Rattray
  • Paige Connah
  • Ross Cannon
  • Rebecca Young

The Emerging Leaders Programme had been a transformative experience for each participant. Over the course of the program, they had delved deep into the realm of leadership, honing their skills and developing a comprehensive understanding of the industry. Through rigorous training, mentorship, and hands-on projects, these emerging leaders had grown both personally and professionally, becoming the epitome of excellence in their respective fields.

Each presenter had carefully selected a topic close to their hearts, a unique opportunity to showcase their innovative ideas that could potentially shape the future of Global E&C.

The strength of the Emerging Leaders Programme lay not only in the talent of its participants but also in their diverse backgrounds and perspectives. The graduation ceremony embodied this diversity, as each business case reflected a distinct perspective, tackling challenges from various angles. From sustainable construction practices to digital transformation strategies, the presentations showcased a rich tapestry of ideas that would fuel the company's future growth.

Delivered with passion and expertise, their meticulously crafted business cases demonstrated their ability to think critically, strategize effectively, and articulate their visions with confidence. With the undivided attention of the senior leadership team, Global E&C’s VP of Oil and Gas - Derek Mitchell - commented: ‘I’m hugely honoured to be part of this event as each participant has truly shone in terms of passion, expertise and insights. Each presentation has delivered a business solution that we could and should legitimately embrace into our organisation and I for one am looking forward to seeing each one come to life in our business.’

The graduation ceremony was more than just a showcase of talent; it was a testament to Global E&C's commitment to nurturing the leaders of tomorrow. By providing a platform for the emerging leaders to present their business cases directly to the senior leadership team, the company emphasised the importance of fostering innovation, empowering its employees, and embracing a culture of collaboration and open dialogue.

The below are just a few images captured from the event.

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