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Global E&C Bolsters Commitment to Nurturing Young Talent

Welcoming Four New Apprentices to the Fabrication Team

Engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) service provider, Global E&C, welcomes the addition of four apprentices to its fabrication team. This move reaffirms the organisations commitment to nurturing young talent and equipping them with the transferrable skills and knowledge necessary to support the transition towards a sustainable energy future.

With a legacy servicing offshore oil and gas operations in the UK, Global E&C employ more than 900 personnel working across facilities onshore and offshore.

In its commitment to address the evolving energy landscape, Global E&C is currently engaged in aiding decarbonising existing energy infrastructure while concurrently delivering a multitude of projects to bolster EPC services in the burgeoning alternative energy markets.

Global E&C believes it plays a pivotal role in facilitating the transition from conventional to new energy production. With that, the training and development of their people focuses on both the skills for the now and future energy infrastructure.

The introduction of four new apprentices—Connor Bonas, Rhys Hoon, Sam Robson, and Luca Megginson - will become integral members of the piping and structural fabrication division, where they will receive training in a variety of associated trades.

Global E&C is already planning for further apprentices across its business as it enters 2024.

Global E&C’s Director of Operations for the fabrication service line, Graeme Gray, said: “Our fabrication team, a vital part of Global E&C’s integrity offering, is responsible for creating new and improved solutions in energy infrastructure, and it is crucial to ensure that our workforce is well-equipped with the latest industry knowledge and skills.

These apprentices will work alongside experienced tradesmen to learn the intricacies of fabrication processes and gain hands-on experience across our extensive facilities within Aberdeen.

We encourage the fresh perspectives and enthusiasm apprentices bring and we are excited to see how their contributions will support our business."

Each year, Global E&C take on a number of apprentices and one of the four most recent apprentices is Sam Robson, who joined at 16 years old.

He said: "I thought I knew what I wanted to do when I left school but the realisation soon hit that I actually didn’t know and so the opportunity to join Global E&C as an apprentice came up it’s great that it covers so many areas and skills. It's a good role that I've got and I'm enjoying working with people and learning. I split my time between college work and practical skills at Global E&C’s Nord and Dyce fabrication facilities.

I wanted to work hands on as soon as I could and have really enjoyed the welding and pipefitting so far. I’m still not sure what I want to progress to yet, I’m just going to enjoy this journey and see what/how I work best."

Commenting on Global E&C’s wider commitment to fostering talent across the organisation, HR Director – Kelly Golightly – said: ‘We believe that industry engagement is essential if we are to encourage young careers into our energy markets, conventional and new. This year we have welcomed more than 10 school leavers, university leavers and those who are still studying and looking for work experience, into our recruiting programmes.

The energy transition is a global imperative, and Global E&C is fully committed to playing a pivotal role in this transformation. By welcoming these apprentices, we aim to not only transfer essential skills but also instil a sense of purpose and dedication towards sustainability in the next generation of professionals.”

Alix Thom, OEUK’s workforce engagement and skills manager, said:

“There is a rising demand for people with the specialised technical skills that apprenticeships like this offer. New entrants with these skills have an important role to play in supporting the UK’s ambition to deliver net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 and we’re delighted to see our members providing people with clear paths to achieve these invaluable vocational qualifications.”

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