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Building a Strong Safety Culture

As one of our five core values at Global E&C, we are resolute on safety and quality. That means we value the safety of everyone who works for or with us and believe that, given the right leadership and communication, all incidents are preventable. That's why we regularly deliver initiatives for our teams to recognise that individuals are responsible for both their own safety and that of their colleagues.

The below picture was taken from our most recent training event where both our onshore and offshore site leaders got together to focus on the safety agenda.

Global E&C Safety Training

Caroline Hughes, of Imorph, hosted the coaching session where she focused on topics including positive safety culture, consistency in positive language and behaviour’s whilst also giving our teams additional tools to deal with the challenges they face day to day.

Who are IMorph:

iMorph is a training developer and facilitator who can provide a business with tailor-made, bespoke courses to meet business needs, specialising in building strong safety cultures.

Their range of safety programmes include safety leadership, supervision and effective safety conversations - making a discernible difference to their client's safety cultures.

iMorph were able to create a Leadership Training Day specific to Global E&C, which has our Core Value embedded within, as well as our Global Rules, Safe Six and Basecamp.

iMorph has a proven success record which had been witnessed by members of our SLT over their careers, where behaviours, communications skills, and building of strong safety cultures for leadership, have been enhanced by attending coaching sessions such as this.

Their aim is to strengthen our teams with skills that support them in strong safety leadership and commitment to our values.

Global E&C Core Value - Resolute on Safety and Quality
Global E&C Core Value

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