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Brownfield Services

Global E&C is a well-established Brownfield EPC Contractor in the UK Oil & Gas industry, we execute Brownfield scopes across over 20 offshore and onshore assets for a long standing customer base. We deliver what we promise and ensure our delivery model is aligned to our customers value drivers.

With a headcount is c.900 people across our core delivery lines; engineering, fabrication and construction services, we deliver approximately 2,000 Brownfield Modifications and average 15 TARS annually. and has liquidated in the region of 1,000,000 man hours offshore. Across all areas we consistently challenge how things are done, deliver cost effective solutions for our customers and above all else we keep safety at the core off our decision making.


Where surveys are required we use the best tool for the job, be this a total station (traditional dimensional control), 3D laser scanner or a tape measure. We use state of the art technologies to capture accurate sub-millimeter information, critical to spool replacement and the routing of new piping systems. We also provide pinpoint setting-out information, structural grillage positions and ensure correct alignment of new modules and structures.
Our survey department have been conducting dimensional control services in the brownfield space, offshore and onshore, for over 17 years, supporting customers in the UK and internationally ensuring the efficient execution of OPEX budgets through utilising the best technology, applying fit for purpose solutions and working closely with our customers we consistently add value during the initial survey phase.


Over the last 12 months, Global E&C has been focussed on expanding the engineering competency to support our customers in the brownfield space and to offer a truly differentiated option to operators than the traditional EPC approach. The acquisition of Apollo accelerated our growth in engineering competency which now boasts Piping, Structural, Mechanical, Electrical, Instrumentation, Process and Tech Safety personnel. With over 150 multi-disciplined engineers in our business, Global E&C liquidated in excess of 350,000 engineering man-hours in 2019.


Our Fabrication capacity, responsiveness and capability provides our customers with the assurance of delivery across a range of scopes. Our facilities in Aberdeen are focused on the needs of the Brownfield modifications market, where we have extensive experience at delivering integrity related fabrication; efficiently and cost effectively.
With over 2,000 weld procedures and a dedicated welding engineering department, managed by highly experienced IWE/EWE qualified Welding Engineers, we work with the our customers and their specifications to deliver bespoke weld procedures and solutions where required. Our capability is enhanced by holding the award of Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) certifications for module H. This gives our customers’ further assurance that we operate an approved quality system for design verification, fabrication, testing and inspection which conforms to the pressure equipment regulations.


With over 300 personnel offshore at any given time during peak periods and a resource pool which is now in excess of 550 personnel, Global E&C provide multi-disciplined personnel across a range of disciplines and skill sets.

Our customers trust Global E&C in the provision of Black Trades, White Trades, DC Surveys, NDT Inspection, Specialist Access Systems (Decking, Scaffolding, Tensioned Netting etc.) and Rope Access Personnel. Global E&C is one of the leading site construction providers in the UK North Sea.

The scale of Global E&C’s construction operations, the competency of our people and our strong HSE culture make Global E&C one of the most credible offshore construction contractors in the North Sea.

Access Solutions

Global E&C’s specialist access capabilities allow us to identify and develop cost-effective and safe solutions for accessing work locations at height and in difficult to reach locations.

Our specialist access unit supplies multi-disciplined trades and access teams which deliver a range of modification and construction services to our oil and gas customers, using a variety of access solutions which incorporates traditional scaffold, rope access teams and more bespoke access solutions where it makes sense to do so.

The key capabilities of our expertly trained and highly experienced teams include rope access, engineered decking access systems, tension netting access systems, dropped object netting systems, catenary wire anchor systems and aerial drone services.